Say Yes Buffalo, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, area businesses and organizations and local colleges and universities have partnered to create a paid internship program. 


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Are you majoring in graphic design or fine arts? This will be perfect for you!

Graphic & Motion Graphic Design Intern

Did you ever want to be a mentor? This would be a great way to get some experience!

Near Peer Mentor

Want to be involved in producing? Click here!

TV Production/Digital Media Intern

Are you into marketing and the arts? Take a look at this!

ArtWorks & Marketing Intern

Do you want to help teach adult ESL? Look at this!

ESL Classroom Intern

Ever thought about doing something in radio? Check this out!

Public Radio Intern

Are you in a STEM-based program and tech-savvy? Look at this AmeriCorps opportunity!

"Ignite Your Life" Intern

Want to work one-on-one with refugees? This is for you!

MAC Intern

Planning on law school? Take a look at this great opportunity!

"Tour of the Courts" Intern

Application agreement


By applying to a Say Yes internship opportunity:


  1. You are agreeing to have Say Yes Buffalo forward your application materials (e.g. your resume) to the organization to which you are applying, as well as your career center and professional supports.

  2. You are agreeing that your college career center has permission to follow up with you to help assist you in the application/interviewing process and receive information about the results of your application, including whether or not you are hired and if you successfully complete your internship.

  3. You understand that you are not guaranteed an internship. You must be offered an interview and hired, just like any job application process.

  4. You are agreeing to be contacted by Say Yes staff via phone, email, or text. Contacts can be regarding edits to your application or to check-in on your internship.

  5. You are agreeing to have regular contact with Say Yes staff if hired for an internship. The Student Outreach Supervisor will be in regular contact to ensure you are having a positive experience and to discuss any concerns you may have.

  6. You are agreeing to report to Say Yes staff any concerns regarding your internship or ability to complete your internship.

  7. If your internship is held over the summer, you are agreeing to attend the full-day professional skills seminar to be held in June, as well as three of the five professional development workshops throughout the summer. Scholars who attend three or more professional development workshops will earn one $50 Visa gift card.

  8. If your internship is held over the summer, you are agreeing to attend the Internship Luncheon held in August.