Frequently Asked Questions


What is the compensation, if any, for these internships?

All of our internships are paid positions. Employers must pay at least minimum wage, but some choose to pay more. The exactly pay rate is decided by the employer and will be discussed upon an offer of employment.

Can I receive school credit for an internship?

School credit must be arranged through your college or university. We cannot determine or assist with that process.

How many hours a week are the internships? How many weeks do they last?

Each employer decides on the hours per week, but it should be no less than 20 hours per week for 10 weeks for summer internships. These details may change under certain circumstances.

Are these internships over the summer or during the school year?

Both! Most of our internships are held over the summer, but we do have some Fall and Spring opportunities and we are hoping to have more as time goes on.

How do I apply for an internship?

Visit the Internships section of our website to review all currently available internship opportunities. Keep in mind that new internships are posted often during the Spring, so check back often. Once you see an internship posted in which you are interested, email your resume and cover letter to It is strongly recommended that you have your resume and cover letter reviewed by career services first. Say Yes will also review your application, so expect to receive edits and allow time for that process. Internships have different deadlines and requirements, so read internship postings carefully. If you have any questions about an internship, contact Johanna Caplan at

Why haven’t I heard back from the employer about my application yet?

Each employer reviews applications on their own timeline. If you have questions about the status of your application, please contact Johanna Caplan at or 247-5310 x213.

Am I guaranteed an internship if I apply?

Students are not guaranteed an internship through this program. Our process is the same as searching for regular employment. You must be offered an interview and hired in order to receive an internship. For this reason, we encourage students to apply to as many internships as possible.

I did not graduate from a Buffalo Public or Charter School or I lived outside of the City of Buffalo while attending a Charter School. Can I still apply for an internship through your program and/or take advantage of your programs?

Our program is only for students who graduated from Buffalo Public or Charter Schools after 2013 and resided in the City of Buffalo during that time. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, please visit your career center on campus for support in helping you find internship opportunities.

I graduated from a Buffalo Public or Charter School and lived in the city during that time, but I am not eligible to receive the Say Yes Scholarship. Can I still apply to internships and participate in other events?

Yes!! We still consider you to be a Say Yes Scholar and want you to participate in all that our program has to offer. If you still are not sure if you qualify, please contact Johanna Caplan at or 247-5310 x213.